How to buy steamer



1. Food grade: When we buy stainless steel steamers, we should pay attention to whether the materials meet the standards of food grade tableware, so as to prevent the damage to our health caused by harmful substances.
2. Corrosion protection: When purchasing stainless steel steamers, we can choose 304 food grade stainless steel steamers with good corrosion resistance. Usually, the surface of the steamers will be printed with relevant marks.
3. Whether it is magnetic: usually when we buy stainless steel steamers, we will consider the problem of rust. Generally, stainless steel steamers without magnetism are better, and those with magnetism are more likely to rust.
4. Number of layers: We should not ignore the number of layers of the steamer. According to the needs of cooking at ordinary times, we can choose a single one or one with many layers, which is easy to store and saves space. If you usually cook a lot, you can also choose a multi-functional one, so that you can steam, boil and stew at the same time, saving time and gas.
5. Transparent lid: When we steam things, we use a transparent lid, which is more convenient for us to observe the degree of food cooking at any time, and convenient for us to operate flexibly. 6. Handle: Generally, one of the handles of the steam cooker can be tightened, and the other is fixed, which can't be adjusted by ourselves. For our use safety, we try to buy a better fixed, all inclusive handle.
7. Bottom thickness of steamer: When we buy steamer, we'd better choose the double bottomed steamer, because the steamer we buy needs to be used for a long time, and the single bottomed steamer is easier to burn or paste.