Do you need to open a stainless steel pot



The stainless steel pot needs to be boiled.
The reason why the stainless steel pot needs to be opened:
1. There is a polishing process in the manufacturing process of stainless steel pan. In order to improve the speed and quality of polishing, abrasives containing grease and metal oxides will be used. These grease and abrasives will remain on the surface and gaps of stainless steel, so the stainless steel pan needs to be opened before use.
2. Stainless steel pans, especially frying pans, will inevitably stick in the process of use. If you skip the step of boiling, it is bound to become more sticky as you use it, which will affect the use.
You need to use a piece of fat pork to open the pot. Open the fire and slowly wipe the inside of the pot. Wipe the pot with lard from top to bottom, then pour out the lard and clean it with detergent.
Precautions for using stainless steel pan:
1. Cooking with small and medium fire: The bottom of the cooker is made of steel, aluminum and steel with three layers of composite bottom, which absorbs heat quickly and transfers heat evenly. Generally, the medium fire can completely meet the energy needs during cooking, without opening a big fire. The advantage of cooking with small and medium fire is to save energy, and the cooker is not easy to turn yellow or black.
2. Generally, the oil is cooled in a cold pan for small frying, that is, after the dishes are put in the cold pan, the edible oil is poured in, the lid of the pan is covered, and then the heat is small and medium. When there is steam coming out from the edge of the pot cover, the seasoning can be put in and stirred. This will not destroy the vitamins in the food.
3. If you need onions, ginger or garlic to stir fry, you can use the method of hot oil to heat the dishes. If it is beans, you need to add some water, and so on, steam the water, and boil it for a little while.
4. When frying food, it is necessary to achieve the effect of not touching the bottom of the pan, that is, first heat the empty pan until water is poured into the pan, and then there will be small water droplets standing in the pan, and then wipe the water stains and add oil to achieve the effect of non stick. Or pour the oil into the pot, bring the water to the boil, wait 2-3 minutes, and when the lump oil marks appear, it means that the oil temperature has reached the required temperature. At this time, add the food to be fried to make it physically non sticky. If you need to turn the food over, try to gently push the food with a spatula. If you can push it, you can turn it over and fry it again. If you can't push it, you need to fry it again for a while. This will ensure that the food will not stick to the bottom and keep its original shape.
5. Do not put salt in an empty pot for heating, nor directly put salt in cold water. If salt that is not fully dissolved is gathered at the bottom of the pot, it will cause corrosion of the pot and produce white spots. The correct method is to evenly sprinkle salt before food is put out of the pot, so that the iodine in salt can be preserved in addition to damaging the pot.