How to deal with the newly bought stainless steel pot



In daily life, a newly bought pot needs to be boiled when it is used for the first time. In fact, boiling is actually a process of pot maintenance. Only after boiling can the pot be durable and maintain its original luster for a long time. This is just like jade, which also needs to be well cared and maintained. What should we pay attention to when using stainless steel pots at home for the first time?
First, check whether there are labels on the inside and outside of the new pot. If there are labels, remove them. Some labels are hard to tear off by hand. At this time, you can drop a few drops of essential balm on the label. After the essential balm is completely absorbed by the label, it is easy to tear off.
Second, put two drops on a wet cotton rag to clean it (public brand is OK), and wipe the pot inside and outside with the rag, and also wipe the pot cover.
Third, don't forget to wipe the bottom of the pot.
Fifth, wash with clean water.
Sixth, pour boiling water and a little white vinegar into the pot, shake the pot, and let the vinegar wash every part of the pot.
Seventh, dry the pot with absorbent paper.
After the above steps, you can safely fry vegetables in a pot. In fact, the above steps are actually the simplest way to start cooking. Of course, there are also more complex boiling procedures, which will not be introduced here.