Stainless steel tableware is too dirty after being used for a long time? A little trick for a new look!



        Every family will have a lot of stainless steel tableware, but after using it for a long time, it will lose its original beautiful luster. It's too bad to lose it. What can we do if we continue to use it? Today, Brother Wisdom came to help restore the luster of stainless steel!



Wrong method 1 Use detergent


        Drop detergent on the matt part of the sponge, and you will find that it has little effect. Although detergent has strong decontamination ability, it cannot make stainless steel shiny.

2 Steel wire ball


If steel wire ball is used for wiping, many scratches will be made, which will damage the protective layer of the stainless steel surface, and the stainless steel will be easily corroded and rusted.
Correct method
Tools: detergent, expired or leftover tomato sauce, a glass of water, an empty cup, a bottle cap, and a small brush.
Fill a bottle cap with detergent, and then pour the detergent in the bottle cap into an empty cup.
Pour 2 caps of ketchup, and then pour the ketchup in the cap into the cup containing detergent.
Then ladle 3 caps of water into the cup


Stir the metered detergent in the cup, then apply to the dishes, brush the matte areas with a small brush and soak for 10 minutes.

Finally, clean water

Why is it that ordinary detergents are not clean, and detergents with ketchup can be easily cleaned without barriers?

Reason: The acetic acid component in tomato paste will chemically react with the metal to make the stainless steel pot shiny as new, this method is also suitable for very dirty and dark kitchenware!