Stainless steel cutlery coup to remove black section
Bifurcation and each gleaming stainless steel and chrome-plated cutlery have black phenomenon, especially steel cutlery is not bright, when carved and ministries black seams, with a sponge dipped in metal polishing paste rub, rub the tip of a toothpick with a fork seams, and then to the Department drop some ammonia scrubbing rinse; also use a soft cloth dipped in cleanser or detergent to wipe the black part of; for hard water causes white spots on stainless steel cutlery available scrub rag dipped in vinegar , you can clean.
Stainless steel cutlery used for too long? A little coup is a new look!
Everyone has a lot of stainless steel cutlery at home, but after using it for a long time, it will lose the original luster. It’s a pity to throw it away. If you continue to use it, what should.
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