Stainless steel cutlery used for too long? A little coup is a new look!

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Everyone has a lot of stainless steel cutlery at home, but after using it for a long time, it will lose the original luster. It’s a pity to throw it away. If you continue to use it, what should you do? Today, the wisdom brother comes to the trick, so that the stainless steel returns to the luster!
Wrong method 1 with detergent
        Put the detergent on the sponge and apply it to the non-glossy area. You will find that it has not much effect. Although the detergent has strong decontamination ability, it can't make the stainless steel shine.
2 with steel ball
        If you rub it with a steel ball, it will wipe out a lot of scratches, which will destroy the protective layer on the stainless steel surface. Stainless steel will be easily corroded and rusted.
Correct method
Tools: detergent, expired or leftover ketchup, a glass of water, an empty cup, a cap, a small brush.
Dip a 1 bottle of detergent, then pour the detergent into the empty cup.
Pour 2 caps of ketchup, then pour the ketchup from the cap into a cup with detergent.
Then pour the water from the 3 caps into the cup.
Stir the metered detergent in the cup evenly, then apply it on the tableware, brush the opaque area with a small brush, and soak for 10 minutes.
Finally, clean water
Why are ordinary cleaning agents not cleaned, and can be easily removed without the addition of ketchup detergent?
Reason: The acetic acid component in the tomato sauce will react with the metal to make the stainless steel pot bright and new. This method is also applicable to the dirty and black kitchen utensils!
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