Enjoy a single-handle wok

Summary: We hope that every enterprise will have a good boss, every family will have a good parent, and every family will have a "good owner" to realize the Chinese dream.

Keywords: Dongjia Industry, stainless steel kitchen and tableware, stainless steel pot


_x000D_ 1.造型雅致,时尚简约,精致工艺卓越非凡。
_x000D_ 2.精致锅盖与锅体咬合紧密,具有水密封低压烹饪效果,轻松实现无水烹饪,锁住营养不流失。
_x000D_ 3.三层复合钢,导热均匀,不易粘、不易焦,少油烟。



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_x000D_ 尊享单柄炒锅(三层复合钢)_x000D_ 编号_x000D_ 规格_x000D_ 装箱数量
_x000D_ ZXC30-11_x000D_ 30CM_x000D_ 6
_x000D_ ZXC32-11_x000D_ 32CM_x000D_ 6