Single layer steamer

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Keywords: Dongjia Industry, stainless steel kitchen and tableware, stainless steel pot



_x000D_ 优质不锈钢工艺制作而成,表面采用精密打磨抛光处理,易清洗。
_x000D_ 手柄采用高级电木材料,隔热防烫,舒适更耐用。
_x000D_ 锅身加高结构,配合不锈钢蒸片,随意搭配,一锅多用。

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_x000D_ 名称_x000D_ 编号_x000D_ 规格_x000D_ 装箱数量
_x000D_ 单篦单底钢盖蒸锅_x000D_ DZG24-00_x000D_ 24CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZG26-00_x000D_ 26CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZG28-00_x000D_ 28CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZG30-00_x000D_ 30CM_x000D_ 8
_x000D_ DZG32-00_x000D_ 32CM_x000D_ 6
_x000D_ DZG34-00_x000D_ 34CM_x000D_ 6
_x000D_ DZG36-00_x000D_ 36CM_x000D_ 6
_x000D_ 单篦复底钢盖蒸锅_x000D_ DZG24-11_x000D_ 24CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZG26-11_x000D_ 26CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZG28-11_x000D_ 28CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZG30-11_x000D_ 30CM_x000D_ 8
_x000D_ 单篦单底组合盖蒸锅_x000D_ DZZ24-00_x000D_ 24CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZZ26-00_x000D_ 26CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZZ28-00_x000D_ 28CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZZ30-00_x000D_ 30CM_x000D_ 8
_x000D_ DZZ32-00_x000D_ 32CM_x000D_ 6
_x000D_ DZZ34-00_x000D_ 34CM_x000D_ 6
_x000D_ DZZ36-00_x000D_ 36CM_x000D_ 6
_x000D_ 单篦复底组合盖蒸锅_x000D_ DZZ24-11_x000D_ 24CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZZ26-11_x000D_ 26CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZZ28-11_x000D_ 28CM_x000D_ 12
_x000D_ DZZ30-11_x000D_ 30CM_x000D_ 8