Ikea soup pot

Summary: We hope that every enterprise will have a good boss, every family will have a good parent, and every family will have a "good owner" to realize the Chinese dream.

Keywords: Dongjia Industry, stainless steel kitchen and tableware, stainless steel pot


_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ 1.锅体采用高精密不锈钢基材,健康不生锈。


_x000D_ 2.全透明玻璃锅盖,典雅大方,烹饪过程一目了然。


_x000D_ 3.组合式电木手柄,坚固耐用、导热性能弱,不易烫手,安全实用。

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_x000D_ 名称_x000D_ 编号_x000D_ 规格_x000D_ 装箱数量
_x000D_ 宜家复底汤锅(304材质)_x000D_ YJBT20-11_x000D_ 20CM_x000D_ 16
_x000D_ YJBT22-11_x000D_ 22CM_x000D_ 16
_x000D_ YJBT24-11_x000D_ 24CM_x000D_ 12